Moyo Delo. Magazin: Russian Retail Trade Magazine

Moyo Delo. Magazin is a Russian professional magazine aimed at retail market and FMCG industry specialists. For over ten years we provide reliable up-to-date information about the market, helping retailers, suppliers and manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods to build a successful business, to operate it competently, to improve business processes and make them more efficient. The target group of the magazine is owners and top managers of retail chain operators and supplier companies, store managers, category managers, buyers and marketing specialists.

Our extensive knowledge of retail trade and serious analytical approach enable us to share the most exclusive and useful materials, recommendations, and the best practices with industry specialists. Continuous feedback from market professionals helps us create an informational product sought by the industry specialists. The magazine serves as a platform for retail trade specialists to share practical experience and professional knowledge, offers a reliable analysis of new products' commercial potential, reviews the experience of effective cooperation between retailers and suppliers, and contributes to the development of the retail specialists' professional community.

The magazine consists of three main sections: Retail, Product Range and Tools. Each section can be of interest to retailers as well as suppliers and product manufacturers. The Retail block contains retail news, articles by the industry practical experts and consultants, surveys of the top managers in retail, articles about new solutions in retail operations. The second block offers overviews of the FMCG market segments, the most successful cases of Russian FMCG manufacturers and suppliers, efficient solutions in private label production and promotion, overviews of innovative foodstuffs. The Tools section covers the key issues of retail store automation and equipment, practical recommendations by experts and overviews of innovations in automation and equipment.

The magazine is published 10 times a year. It is distributed by subscription and through direct mail in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Russia's largest cities. Five leading retail chains: X5 Retail Group, Magnit, METRO Cash & Carry, Auchan and Dixy, are among the top readers.