Mystery Visitor
Since 2004, in every issue of FoodService magazine we have been assessing the quality of service in Moscow restaurants. The classic Mystery Visitor/Shopper methodology used by market researchers to evaluate the work of various service establishments has been taken as a basis.

FoodService editorial staff and readers have determined the main criteria for evaluating the service in the establishments of each price segment (fine dining, budget-friendly establishments, quick service restaurants), which were used to draw up a questionnaire. The restaurant is chosen by the editorial staff, and USC, the financial partner of the projects, pays the bills.

To assess the quality of service in different (including non-standard) situations, scenarios are planned for each visit. Different people visit the restaurant several times, filling in the questionnaire after each visit. Then the data is processed, and the results are published in FoodService magazine. Besides, the groups that had evaluated the restaurant share their observations and experiences in our magazine.

The goal of the project is to identify and discuss the mistakes restaurants make when serving their guests. We hope that an outside perspective can help restaurateurs improve the quality of service in their establishments.

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