Extensive knowledge of restaurant business and retail trade enables Delovoy Podhod publishing house to successfully produce corporate magazines and catalogs for our clients. Our partners are looking for an interesting, unique, quality product, and we guarantee exclusive information and profound expertise in professional topics. Practical experts – leading industry specialists and analytical agencies – take part in the creation of content for each publication. We are committed to long-term cooperation with our clients and are always open to new projects!

METROMENU: Specialist Magazine for HoReCa Professionals

METROMENU is a b2b specialist magazine by METRO Cash & Carry for business customers in the HoReCa segment. The target group of the magazine is chefs, purchasing managers, restaurant and catering company technologists, managers and owners of foodservice establishments. The magazine contains recommendations on succeeding in the restaurant business, creating a menu, gives information on the new products in METRO trade centers, important company events, available services and opportunities for business customers. Volume: 64 pages, periodicity: quarterly.

the Shkola Torgovli
Shkola Torgovli: Magazine about Retail Trade for Small Business

METRO Cash & Carry corporate b2b magazine was named after the Shkola Torgovli (Retail School) project implemented by METRO since 2009 and aimed at supporting the owners of small and medium-sized stores. The magazine contains analytical information from the leading marketing agencies and players in the market as well as practical solutions on attracting clients, optimizing the product range, improving product layout, equipping and refurbishing stores, plus experts' recommendations on legal issues. The target group of the magazine is private entrepreneurs, convenience store owners and managers. Among the authors are practical experts in retail trade, small and medium-sized business owners. The magazine is published three times a year on 48 pages.

Huhtamaki Corporate
Huhtamaki Corporate Newspaper
Huhtamaki is a corporate publication by Huhtamaki CIS, the leading producer of disposable packaging for HoReCa in Russia. The newspaper is meant for the company's foodservice clients, among them the biggest fast food chains, coffee-bars, catering operators, etc. The publication covers Huhtamaki's main corporate events, new products, gives an outlook of out-of-home consumption trends in Russia. Periodicity: quarterly, A3 format.
ECO-1 Corporate Newspaper

ECO-1 is a fast-growing Russian manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment. Within five years, the company managed to increase its revenue tenfold. The main purpose of the corporate newspaper is to inform clients and potential partners about the company's achievements and future plans. It covers various production issues, the company's cooperation with large retail chains; contains information about entering new markets and launching innovative products. The creation of the ECO-1 b2b newspaper has been arranged to coincide with the largest trade shows: World Food Moscow and PIR EXPO.

Huhtamaki Sotr
Corporate Edition for Huhtamaki Employees
Huhtamaki is a b2p corporate newspaper of Huhtamaki CIS, the leading producer of disposable packaging for HoReCa in Russia, meant for the group's staff members. The publication covers Huhtamaki's main corporate events, as well as professional and personal achivements of the employees. Periodicity: quarterly, A3 format.
U.S. Beef Digest
U.S. Beef Digest

US Beef Digest is the US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) newsletter. The periodical covers the American beef export development program throughout the world, including the CIS, gives practical tips on how to choose, cook, and serve meat. US Beef Digest brings together the leading importers of American marbled beef, restaurateurs and business owners, managers and chefs: the list includes the leading experts who work with marbled beef, develop and promote meat-based concepts. Format: A3.